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An Excellent Site Creates the Vision

555 Barrington

555 Barrington







Achieving success in real estate requires the foresight to

recognize development opportunities in complex markets


MB Property Acquisitions, LLC (MBPA) a real estate development company, successfully integrates and implements the following functions in order to structure high quality and profitable developments.



  • Finding Attractive Sites

  • Negotiating and Executing Purchase Agreements

  • Conceptualizing Developments

  • Selecting Architects, Engineers and Consultants

  • Arranging Market Studies & Financial Spreadsheets

  • Completing Due Diligence

  • Obtaining Entitlements

  • Investing Front End Risk Equity / Capital

  • Structuring & Arranging Equity and Debt

  • Marketing and Managing the Development


​It also requires the talent to orchestrate the acquisition, entitlement, project design, finance, construction, marketing and management of major developments. MB Property Acquisitions provides these capabilities.  In particular the Company has been extremely successful in finding attractive sites with many being water-oriented.

MBPA seeks zoning changes when practical and looks to increase density by obtaining air rights or other routes to increase the FAR. To maximize the dynamics between economic and human factors in planning major developments, MBPA seeks a specialized team representing a variety of professional disciplines. The Company manages this select development team composed of leading architects, engineers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, sales agents and lending institutions to facilitate the successful development of projects.

MBPA is adept at finding land opportunities and converting it into value. Since our formation in 1980, we have developed over 45 projects representing over 2,800 condominiums, many built in joint ventures. In addition, we have sold sites that we owned or had options on that led to the development of over 1,800 apartments and condos. The company actively searches for exceptional sites for development in California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.


MBPA adapts to the ever changing dynamics of the real estate development industry. This industry is driven by changes in market demand, interest rates, taxes and the sources and availability of equity and debt capital. These changes create development and acquisition opportunities. The company’s business objective is to seek these opportunities and then quickly react to them during both stable and transitional periods. The major recession in the United States and World from 2008 to 2010 and longer resulted in the company focusing on purchasing REO’s. In the fall of 2011 the company saw an improving market and started to purchase development sites again.


MBPA and its ability to make timely decisions has led to profitable developments and maximization of the value of real estate assets. In particular, its ability to move expeditiously and decisively on opportunities enhances its competitiveness and success.


Joint venture partners and investors since 1999 have included: Blume Group, Brookfield Homes, DR Horton, Essex Property Trust REIT, Goldman Sachs, Intracorp, KD Development, Inc.,  Macquarie Bank, Ltd., Morgan Stanley, and Tama Home of Japan. These companies along with other partners continue to find real estate opportunities with MBPA that consist of attractive sites and designs and profitable investments.


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